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For example, I wrote to a woman from my city very politely, my e-mail was not read, no reply, no profile visit. I googled the picture and got a hit: The picture was stolen from a health advisor in Australia. I reported the Finya with details of the Australian website, even weeks later nothing happened. The profile with the stolen picture still exists. I have more examples of this kind.

Also, despite the report, nothing is done about all the fake profiles (either without pictures or with stolen pictures) who try to get to e-mail addresses with bad German (translated with translation programs) and thus try to use their invented stories To steal money.

What also no longer works is the ban on members who previously banned me. If you try that and click the “REPORT / LOCK XYZ” button, nothing happens forever, you can abort the process and try countless times again, a lock is not possible.

As a result, the following happened to me: A woman whom I turned down insulted me and immediately banned me. I then tried to lock it too, but as I said, that didn’t work. Two days later, she unblocked me, insulted me again, and banned me again. It went like this three times. After the third time, I deleted my profile and will no longer log into Finya for the time being. And the “best” is: Finya no longer offers any support either. If you write an email to Finya, you won’t get a reply. I don’t think this business practice is okay. Two years ago this site was really good. I cannot explain this descent to myself. You can ask Finya’s management … 😉

Editing is not possible. I would like to add to my report that I was with Finya with a picture. is a (or THE!) Free dating platform that can be used completely free of charge in all areas. That is a very good offer and Finya is really perfectly fine with her functions. Well, there is no psychological test or the like here, but who really needs that? No, at Finya you get the opportunity to create a profile free of charge and thus have the opportunity to look around for suitable women and men, to write to them (unlimited) and to get answers (unlimited).

Where it’s free, there’s a lot of nonsense! At Finya you often have to deal with fake profiles, which of course slows down the joy a bit.

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